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Hebrew College

Hebrew School of Villa María

In February 1929, at the initiative of some parents, Master and Schojet Don Guedalie Schapiro (brother of Mr. Matya Schapiro) was hired, inaugurating a purely Ashkenazi elementary class.

In 1930 and after the visit from Buenos Aires of the Great Rabbi Sabetay J. Djaen, who examines the students and congratulates Master Schapiro, the children of the Sephardic families are added at his request, forming a Pro Talmud Torah Commission.

In 1930, approximately 40 Jewish families, 23 Azquenazim and 17 Sefardim, resided in Villa Maria, with about 30 creatures under the teaching of Master Schapiro.

Master Schapiro, gave his students Hebrew classes, Jewish history and the Ashquenazim added Idish classes. College classes continued to be provided until the late 1970s.

Among the Masters who continued the work of Schapiro can be named: ……………….

Tribute to the Master

Extracted from the autobiography of Dr. Salomón Gornitz ...

"Guedalie Schapiro had the affection of all the children of Villa María ...,

if someone shaped the new generation, which at that time carried the flags of Judaism in Villa María was Guedalie" ...

… ”If there is someone who deserves to be the most representative person of Judaism in Villa María, that is Guedalie Schapiro, because in his daily actions, in that gray work that teachers have and that sometimes is not recognized, Guedalie It represented the man who worked every day and opened the minds of Jews who were children at that time and who were great over time ”…

… ”I will never forget the classes that he, with Simón Dubnow's book, gave us about the Jewish people in Roman and feudal times… we went to Mariano Moreno school in the morning and in the afternoon, after classes, we went to Schill that was two blocks away to study Hebrew. The classes had no duration because we all looked at him admired by his lit oratory, because his classes were not only beautiful but were given with so much heart that we really felt like participating characters of those times.

... I have met two people who have taught and that I liked them immensely and I keep them in mind: One was Guedalie Schapiro and the other Dr. Antonio Sobral who sometimes, even after high school, taught us Spanish literature and Argentina ”…